60 Minute Sessions

Gym located in Westlake Village, CA

Athletic Strength and Conditioning, In-Person Personal Training, or private field training at a location of your choice, including my home gym in Westlake Village, CA. Each session includes a warm-up, personalized training program designed around your goals and needs, core work, and mobility training. Recommended 3x week to ensure optimal results.

$60/session paid via cash, check or venmo

Gym is sanitized and cleaned between clients to ensure health and safety. 



Park/Field of your choice

Los Angeles & Ventura Counties

Sport & Position Specific training with qualified coaches who work with each athlete in a small group setting to become masters of the game. Athletes will learn fundamentals for their position, build on current progress to elevate their game, and gain a better understanding of how to be competitive in their position. Coaches will guide athletes through speed, agility, and footwork drills specific to their position.

Designed for athletes 7th grade-12th grade.

$40/session paid via cash, check or venmo


In-Season & Off-Season Training Available for entire athletic program.

In-season or Off-season strength and conditioning program tailored for the demands of each individual sport, athlete's positions, and team needs. After a team and athlete assessment, I will lead your team through a daily strength and conditioning program that will either help them recover and prepare for the upcoming season or stay in game-day ready condition. Ideal for youth and high school programs that do not currently implement a consistent strength and conditioning protocol. 

Current sports served: Football, Baseball, Soccer, Track

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