Growing up, I didn't always have the best coaches. If I made a mistake or didn't understand what was being asked of me, they never stopped to explain "why". Through my career as an athlete and as coach, I fell in love with understanding the game and learning why we do the things we do. Once I understood why we run certain routes in different situations, I became a better athlete. Once I understood the importance of a scientifically designed Strength & Conditioning program, I became a better coach and trainer. 

There is a rhyme and reason to everything I do and I pride myself on taking the time to educate my clients and athletes. I want you to be one step ahead of the competition and I want you to understand your programs and how it translates on the field. 

I have had the pleasure of working with different caliber athletes from different sports and I am continuously expanding my knowledge base to be better than I was last season. 

I have been coaching football for 10+ years and have an extensive background in developing and implementing strength and conditioning programs that are position specific. Throughout my career, I have coached a handful of offensive positions including Running Backs and Quarterbacks, but my specialization is in Wide Receivers.


Beyond position specific coaching, I have experience as an Offensive Coordinator and Special Teams Coordinator, working with both Kickers and Kick Returners. 

In 2013, I graduated from Humboldt State with a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Coaching. In addition to my degree, I also hold certifications in Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, Youth Sport Performance, Exercise Enhancement and Golf Conditioning. 

Through AthELITE, I am able to serve individuals looking to improve their overall health, offer 1:1 strength and conditioning & position specific training, and lead team strength and conditioning for a handful of team and individual sports. 

If you're ready to take your game to the next level and be a step ahead of your competition, I'm the coach you've been looking for.